Hydrostatic Valve Replacement

Hydrostatic Valve Replacement

Leaking hydrostatic valves are the most common leak that we get in swimming pools. They can open after heavy rain and get stuck open. They can get lifted up by suction pool cleaners and vacuum heads and they can just perish from old age and harsh pool chemicals.

What is a Hydro-static Valve?

A hydrostatic valve is a pressure relief one-way valve or “plug” installed usually at the deepest point of a swimming pool.

The valve usually comes in two sizes: 40mm & 50mm

What does a Hydro valve look like?
Hydro-static Valve

Also known as a Hydro-valve it prevents ground-water pressure from raising the pool or causing movement.

The hydrostatic valve prevents this by allowing ground-water from your surrounding yard to flow into the pool and relieve the pressure on the pool structure.

Where is the Hydro-valve located?

Usually it is at the deepest point of the pool floor, the valve is located under the lid which sits at the bottom of the pool covering the main-drain.

Why do swimming pools need a hydro-valve?

A build-up of ground water can apply surprising amounts of hydraulic pressure on structures such as swimming pools.

Dirty water in the pool or a slight overflow can be the result of the excess pressure, which is a good sign the valve is working.

How often do I need to change the Hydro-static Valve?

It is recommended that hydrostatic valves be changed on average every 6/7 years, as the rubber seals may deteriorate over time due to corrosion from pool chemicals.

How do I remove a hydrostatic valve?

It is possible for you to dive down and change the valve yourself, but time and again people come unstuck doing it themselves. I change hundreds of valves a year and can do it for you.

However, if you have emptied your pool, you may want to remove the hydro-valve as soon as possible, most times the valve is hard to remove by hand.

You can use a hydro valve removal tool, usually available for hire at your Local Pool Shop, all you need to do is figure out if you need a 40mm or 50mm removal tool, otherwise you will end up hiring both.

Do all swimming pools have a hydro-valve?

Not all pools have a hydrostatic valve.

However, most swimming pools do usually have some kind of pressure relief system in place.

Older pools may have a similar version of the valve known as a hydro-plug, which also acts as a pressure relief system. A hydro-plug usually looks like a plastic white rim around the size of a dinner plate located at the bottom of the pool, Inside the rim it usually has the same render as the rest of the pool interior.

The majority of swimming pools do have a plastic or PVC hydro-valve and main-drain.

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