Underwater Liner Repairs

Underwater Liner Repairs

Pool Leak Repair

Pool Leak Services has professional experience in all kinds of leak repairs. A leak located in the underground plumbing is usually the worst scenario for the pool owner and will require excavation of the pool deck or pool shell around the leak and replacement of part of the underground plumbing.

The price range for these kinds of repairs can be anywhere between $150 and $3,500

Leaks caused by structural cracks in the pool shell do not require excavation. We also are able to fix the structural leaks temporarily without draining the whole pool to get the client through the summer.

Structural leaks caused by a faulty main drain, an unsealed conduit in pool light niche, voids around pipe intrusions or an unsealed skimmer throat are usually fixed by sealing the leak with a two- part epoxy. These kinds of repairs are usually not expensive and can be performed under water.

Underwater Liner Repairs

I have two ways to find leaks in liner pools, electronic earth leakage detection or scuba diving in the pool and patiently going over every square centimeter of the pool. I prefer to get into the pool as you have to get in to repair the pools anyway. I use the electronics for difficult liner patterns and elusive leaks.

I have been repairing vinyl liner pools for nearly twenty years and experience has changed how I patch them. I now prefer to use an epoxy to patch the holes as I find that it lasts much longer than vinyl patches. Most customers tend to be more concerned with performance than looks. I save vinyl patches for large holes and new liners.


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