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Our Pool Leak Repair Services
Underwater Liner Repairs

Involves diving into the pool and finding any loose liner clips, holes or cracks in the liner and repairing the leak.

Pipe Pressure Testing

Plugs are placed into both ends of the pipeline and air is pumped into the pipe. If the pipe holds pressure it is sound. If not the location of the leak can be identified using ultrasonic leak location.

Leak Location

Using methods such as ultra sonic leak locater and squirting dye near suspicious areas we can find the exact location of the leak.

Pipe Repair

If a section of pipe is identified as broken it will have to be dug up and repaired. We have concrete cutters and jackhammers on board.

Hydrostatic Valve Replacement

Diving into pool, inspect valve to see if it needs replacing, if so remove and replace it.

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