Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions
Does anyone need to be home?

No. Provided we have access to the pool, equipment and power. If you have dogs that will run or are aggressive can you please arrange for them to be locked away. I will call you to give an estimate for any repairs needed. If you are home I can show you the problem and discuss repair options.

Does my pool need to be full and clean?

Ideally yes. A full, clean and clear is requested. Its not nice having to stick your hand into a frog pond. I will not dive into a green pool for obvious health reasons.

Will you fix the pool while your there?

In most cases yes. Repairing broken pipes underground, especially under concrete can take a long time and may require scheduling another visit. I will not start any costly repairs until I have obtained your approval. Payment

How do you take payment?

I have an EFTPOS machine (not AMEX/Diners) and also take cash, cheque and direct deposit. Bank Account numbers are on the bottom of your invoice.


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