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Pool Leak Services are an Australian owned and operated family business. Specialising in domestic swimming pool leak location and repairs. Its owner/ technician is David Booth

I started in the business in 2001, coming from ten years in a Swimming Pool Shop, where we couldn’t find anyone who would turn up reliably and manage to do all facets of the job. We often had to get three people into do one job. A diver, pipe line pressure tester and then someone to do the repairs. I realised that I could all of these jobs with a bit of retraining and set off on my own.

I have all wide range of up to date leak location equipment including:

  • Sensitive Ground Microphones
  • Pipe Cameras
  • Hydrophones
  • VILO Vinyl Liner Earth Leakage Detection System
  • Pressure Testing Equipment


  • Swimming Pool Leak Detection
  • Pool Pipe Pressure Testing and Leak Location
  • Vinyl Liner and Above Ground Liner Repairs
  • Hydrostatic Valve Replacement
  • Crack Patching
  • Clearing Blocked Pipes
  • Air Leaks and priming issues

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